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“You’ve Got My Heart on a String” Sweet Scavenger Hunt Printables

Mon, February 6, 2012

You’ve heard of funny Valentines, but what about FUN Valentines?!? I am so excited to share with you this sweet scavenger hunt for your sweetie. Tell your Valentine that they ‘have your heart on a string’ and lead them on a silly string search to find their treats! You’ll need our printables to get started with the hunt…

Click here to download your must-have heartstring sign. Simply print it out on cardstock and punch a hole on the grey circle. Attach a string to the heart and diplay is somewhere that your Valentine won’t miss it. Then, take the other end of the string and wind it all around the house {or around your backyard or a park if you’re outside}. At the end of the string place your Valentine goodies and an oversized heart. Get it… you’ve got my HEART on a STRING?!? Cutest. thing. ever. This idea works great for Valentines young and old. You could lead your Valentine to any type of sweet candy or treat, just be sure wrap your goodies with love! You could use the printable paper pockets from our last post or the treat bag toppers we designed last year!! In addition to candies, you could lead your Valentine to a beautifully prepared dinner, a picnic, a wrapped gift, flowers, anything! {Hint: for any men reading I can assure you that your sweetie would love to find a pretty piece of jewelry on the end of the string!!}

What are you planning to do for your sweetie this year? Leave us a comment on the blog with your plans and you could win a set of 4 Red Chevron Mugs. Fill them with candy and give to your favorite coffee drinkers. Fun!! Also, please share your string adventures with us on facebook – post your pictures and be sure to tag us!! Try not to get too tied up with this little project…


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