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World Photography Day: A Spotlight on the FABULOUS Sara Kate

Fri, August 19, 2016


In honor of World Photography Day, we thought we should re-introduce you to our AMAZING photographer {and Laura’s daughter}, Sara Kate! Sara Kate does all of the photography for Coton Colors. Whether it’s a corporate event, a product photo-shoot, or a family dinner at Laura’s, you can always find Sara Kate behind the camera. Not only is she an exponentially talented photographer, she is also a painter and has an incredible creative eye. Many of her paintings now hang at the Corporate Office and Design Headquarters! We asked Sara Kate a few questions to help you get to know her better!

Name: Sara Kate Johnson {but everyone in the office calls me SK}

Job: {Crazy-talented} photographer

What is your favorite Coton Colors product? I think my favorite piece would be the Loop de Loo Starburst Mix Pasta Bowls. I love the patterns and the pieces are so versatile!

What are you looking forward to celebrating this coming year? I have so many great things happening this year! I have lots of fun trips planned, and I’ll also be turning 25 this year, (eek!), but I think my favorite thing to celebrate this year will be the birth of my baby cousin, Collins! My cousin Taylor, also a Project Manager for Coton Colors, will be having her first baby in December.

What has been your favorite photoshoot in 2016? I think my favorite photoshoot this year was the “Bake It!” campaign. The light was being very cooperative, and the pictures turned out beautiful. I also got to eat the yummy food when the photoshoot was done…. I looove peach cobbler!

When do you feel you are most creative? I’m most creative when I have a deadline staring me in the face.

Why do you love being a photographer? I just really like to boss people around. Everyone has to do what I say when I am behind the lens….haha, I’m only joking! (sort-a) I love being a photographer because it allows me to see things in new and unique ways. You start to notice every little detail around you.
Surprisingly, you get to work with your hands a lot in photography; its very creative work and you can be as crazy as you like to get that perfect shot. It can be challenging! I’ve found myself precariously straddling ladders, or climbing a tree with a camera around my neck and wondered “how the heck did I get here?” I’m always forced to change perspectives and think outside the box, so every day is different.

Stay tuned for Sara Kate’s upcoming instagram takeover, giving you a behind the scenes look at a Coton Colors photoshoot!



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