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We’re Dallas Bound!

Wed, January 14, 2015


We’re off to the Lone Star State!

To say that our trip to Atlanta was a success would be an understatement. Each day, our showroom was buzzing with a fun, upbeat energy that was infectious. And seeing just how excited our customers were to see our new products filled our hearts with HAPPY! Guys, Laura, and our entire design team, put so much love and creativity into every single product they create. So seeing our new products welcomed with such excitement makes all of the hard work beyond worth it.

So Atlanta was great, and now we are pumped to be on our way to Dallas! Yes, our days will yet again be spent with some long hours in our showroom, but don’t you worry about us. We will make time for one of our favorite past times – restaurant hopping! Here’s a list of places we plan to go, but please let us know your favorites! We love to try new places. You guys gave some AWESOME Atlanta recommendations, so we are counting on you again to produce!

Okay, here’s our list:

  • The Mint - Highland Park
  • Coal Vines - Cedar Springs Road
  • The Blind Butcher - Greenville Avenue
  • Jack’s Chow Hound Food Truck (we hear it’s great!)

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