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Valentine Craft-tique

Mon, February 14, 2011

We always come across cute ideas in the blogosphere and wonder if they are really as easy as they look. We have decided to start trying out some of our favorite projects and reporting back to you with the actual level of difficulty, expense and time.  Since we featured the bubblegum necklaces from One Charming Party in our last post, those were first up for our Craft-tique!

These necklaces turned out so stinking cute, and believe it or not, they were super easy.  Also a plus, they were very inexpensive.  Linley, our Marketing Manager, created this version for her boys to give to all the girls in their classes.  She bought the gumballs from Party City and was able to choose from tons of different fun, bright colors.  The gumballs were $2.99 for a small bag, or $5.99 for a large bag.  The small bag held about 30 gumballs and the large bag had 60.  Linley chose Tiffany Blue and Bright Pink, love it!

She then used the small flathead screwdriver on her husband’s swiss army knife {with his permission}, to “drill” little holes in each side of the gumballs.  She swears by the little screwdriver and promises that this was an easy process. After all the holes were drilled, it was time for ribbon.

Linley bought her ribbon from Michaels for %50 off which made the rolls about $.99/ea for 3 yard spools.  Each necklace used about 1 yard of ribbon.   {*Note, she was making these for 3-5 year olds so they were small.  For older children or adults, be sure to use more gumballs and longer ribbon.}

Here’s another tip Linley offered, she attached the ribbon to a toothpick with tape to create a “needle” to thread through the gumball beads.  She tied knots in the ribbon on each side of the gum until she had added 5 pieces of gum.  In total, each necklace took about 20-30 minutes to make and only cost about 50 cents!!

The edible necklaces were a hit with both of her little boy’s girlfriends {and their Moms too!}.  They proved to be as cute as they were simple, so One Charming Party gets an A+ from our Craft-tiquer!

Happy Crafting!


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