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Untamed Inspirations

Mon, September 8, 2014


Throughout Coton Colors history, there have been a few staple patterns, color palettes, and colors that have remained a mainstay in our product collections. Our newest collection, Untamed, is a revamp of two tried and true patterns from years ago - our signature hand-painted Leopard and Zebra. It was really exciting to bring these patterns out of ‘the vault’ and rework them with a little bit of a modern twist. The enlarged scale and artistic strokes gave the distinctive patterns new life, and of course infusing the signature Tailored Twist color palette really made this collection spot on!

What I love about this new introduction is that the larger scale of the hand-painted patterns adds a bold, editorial touch to the pieces, yet the patterns themselves remain classics. Mixing these timeless patterns with the various colors of the Tailored Twist color palette creates an eye-catching juxtaposition of traditional and modern. The combinations of navy, white, cobble, persimmon, and jade create a more tailored look, but the added flair of Lilac, and Daffodil create an unexpected twist of tabletop pop!

Think leopard and zebra are only for special occasions?!? Think again! Don’t be afraid of adding these pieces to your current everyday collection. Remember, the saying goes… “A Leopard never changes his spots - he just stylishly swaps them!” The great thing about the Untamed Collection is that it can be designed to fit any taste. A more conservative woman may mix in a few of the Untamed pieces with their everyday pieces to create a more understated look, while a more daring woman may prefer to mix the pieces with more colorful styles to create a striking spread.

One thing is for sure, we unleashed all our creativity when designing our new Untamed Collection. Melding classic Coton Colors patterns with a new twist was especially fun for the Coton Colors design team, and the end result was surely a stampede of style!

Kyle Johnson, Product Design Manager and daughter of Coton Colors founding Artist, Laura Johnson. Kyle blogs about her inspirations, style staples and design loves.


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