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Toast: Coton Colors’ Premiere Lifestyle Publication

Mon, September 26, 2016


To me, there’s nothing better, nothing more rewarding, than inviting friends - new and old - into my home to celebrate life’s happenings. Hearing the lively chatter, seeing the backdrop of smiling faces, knowing they’re happy because they’ve taken time out to do what matter’s most - celebrate life – just makes my heart full.

Taking the time to have these moments of celebrations and enjoying friends and family is my wish for each of you as well. The promise of “never missing an opportunity to celebrate every day” isn’t just a phrase to me, but a promise that I try to remember daily (even hourly!).

Unfortunately, I can’t have each of you over for a “We’ve Made it to Hump Day” impromptu dinner or a quick morning coffee to celebrate another beautiful sunrise, so I wanted to design something as celebratory and fun that would encourage you to create those memories with your friends and loved ones.

And ta-dah, here it is! The very first issue {sure, a world premiere!} of Toast!

I have to confess that this has been a long-time dream of mine, and I’m beyond ecstatic to be sharing it with you now. A dedicated publication we create that inspires celebrations everyday, everywhere. From the family stories, products and recipe sharing to gift-guides and holiday-prep ideas, we’ve filled it up to the brim! Here’s hoping this makes it easier for you to join us in our mission of never missing an opportunity to celebrate every day.

So go ahead, sign up to receive your free copy here and get to reading and planning your next celebration…or just simply pour yourself a glass of wine and indulge in reading. Because let’s face it, today is another reason to celebrate, and that’s reason enough.





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