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Tis better to give than receive…

Fri, December 17, 2010

I am so proud of my daughter, Mary Parker.  She has done a very sweet and unexpected thing.  I was sure she was saving up for an iPhone 4 (see her comment in my previous post), but she had other plans in mind…

While on a holiday break from the demands of her high school volleyball team, she has been working for my Mom in our retail store after school and on weekends. With Christmas quickly approaching the store is VERY busy and her time there is much needed.

She has fast become the favored grandchild  in my Mom’s eyes as she wraps presents, walks the dog, sweeps the floor, organizes the shelves and basically does whatever Mom directs her to do. (Which is often many different things at once, mom has adult onset of ADD and it has come on with a vengeance).  Mary Parker has always been a child who needs to be busy but she really seems to be enjoying her time spent working.

Along the way she has mentioned she was giving her pay to charity.  She has mentioned this a few times and I really didn’t pay her much attention. I was sure that once the check hit the bank it would be a different story.  But she really meant it.

Recently in the mail came a profile of a family she adopted for Christmas giving.  This was a complete surprise to me. Mary Parker went online on her own.  SHE researched the way she wanted to give, SHE completed the application, SHE did it all.  I was most impressed.  I have to say it did my heart good.

This weekend I had the pleasure of taking her to stores while she chose all of the gifts and necessities she wanted them to have.  She did so very thoughtfully, very carefully. She chose things she felt would be a treat along with things that she felt they really needed. Not once did she purchase an item for herself.  After many hours of shopping she came home and immediately began wrapping the many items, making sure they had pretty matching ribbons and tags.

This weekend I will have the privilege of driving her to deliver her gifts to this very needy family.  I consider her efforts the perfect Christmas gift a mom could ever ask for. My heart is full.

If you are inspired to give, here is a link to the charity Mary Parker chose  Please share stories of charitable giving you have experienced.  It will be a joy to read them!


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