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Tips for an Artisan Cheese Board

Fri, March 25, 2016


Admit it… You love cheese! So do we. The go-to for effortless entertaining, assorted cheeses fit well into almost any tapas menu. The best part, you can choose from a seemingly boundless array of varieties for inviting nibbles that pair perfectly with good wine and great gab.

Almonds, olives, honey and savory jams like tomato and fig varieties make perfect accompaniments for your cheese boards, as do in-season fruits and fresh herbs. Just add accompaniments to the tray or serve on the side in small bowls. They bring out the flavors of the cheese and create a simply stunning setting. Seriously… In less than 15 minutes, including slicing time, you have posh presentation.

Let your imagination inspire your presentation. Take a different approach to displaying cheeses by cutting the selections into smaller servings - long, slender pieces, cubes and triangles - which creates a decidedly delighful feast for the eyes and also limits the amount of fingers on the cheese. It’s a win-win. Identify each variety with markers and get rid of the guesswork for guests.

Try spreadable options like brie, Camembert and Brillat Saravin. Serve with simple crostini or top with a cured meat like Proscuitto or Italian Salami. Your guests might not be able to pronounce their names, but no one will care when they dive into the rich, creamy goodness.

Don’t wrap cheese in plastic wrap to store… Instead use wax paper so the cheese can breathe and store it in the most moist area of your refrigerator - the produce drawer is prime!

Avoid serving processed cheeses, as they tend to be rubbery due to the high temperatures at which they’re made. Instead, select raw milk cheese for better flavor and texture.

After all, sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to dis a brie! Cheesy… We know, but really tasty. ;)


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