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Thomas On: Father’s Day Gift Guide

Wed, June 10, 2020

Finding the perfect gifts for Father’s Day can prove to be tricky, but this year, we’ve made it easy by going straight to the source – Coton Colors’ dad, Thomas Gwynn {husband of Laura’s niece, Taylor, with whom he co-owns the Atlanta Flagship Store}. Check out these favorite dad-approved gifts he’s sure to love.

Dads will never know they needed these pieces – until now. Find out why Thomas reaches for these pieces again and again!

1. Signature White Oval Platter {Available online and at Coton Colors Flagship Stores}
Grilling is a family affair with the men in my family. My dad, son, and I share a love for grilling together. My youngest, Jack, always likes to put on his grilling gloves to take part in the fun! Any time we have my parents over for dinner the guys are huddled around the grill discussing our “tactics.” 

{Pictued here is Thomas’ dad, Charlie, preparing dinner!}

Since we have been spending most weekends at home grilling out, we are always trying to find pieces that function well and always look nice to serve off of.

The Signature White Oval Platter is the perfect size! Its oval shape makes it great for serving a variety of foods, including appetizers, side dishes, and of course, burgers.

The ruffle edge keeps your food from slipping off and creates an effortlessly stunning presentation for dinner parties. Not to mention it’s easy to clean since this platter is dishwasher safe!

2. Oyster Collection {Currently available at Coton Colors Flagship Stores}
Another BIG favorite of mine is the Oyster Collection. My wife and I share a love for oysters and these pieces are always our go-to’s! We recently have been getting oysters from a local fish market here in Atlanta, and they plate beautifully on the Oyster pottery.

Oysters are one of my favorite dishes, so I love bringing out the hand-carved and hand-painted pieces in the Oyster Collection. The Oyster Half Dozen Platter can host chips and vegetables and, of course, oysters and your garnish of choice.

Our Atlanta Flagship Store, as well as the Tampa and Tallahassee Flagship Stores, carry hot sauces, shuckers, and more to complete an oyster themed gift dads will love – trust me! 

P.S. The Oyster Collection is currently out of stock online, but all pieces are available now in Coton Colors Flagship Stores while supplies last. Click here to find and contact a store about curbside pickup, delivery, shipping, and more.

3. Bowls {Available online and at Coton Colors Flagship Stores}
You always need a few Appetizer and Small Bowls on hand since they are the perfect side for sauces. I love the shallowness of the Small Bowls since it’s easy to rest the grill brush in and for people to serve themselves. 

4. Dopp Kit and Bag {Available at Coton Colors Flagship Stores}
This is a great looking bag available in the Flagship Stores. Even when you add personalization with the stores it is still very masculine. The durable material also makes it great for traveling.

Father’s Day Curated Shop
Click here to shop and view all gift ideas.

Coton Colors Flagship Stores
Find more gifts dad will love from some of our favorite brands, including local treasures! Complete the gift with a platter, plate, or mug for a thoughtful present. 


Visit or call a Coton Colors Flagship Stores to find a gift for dad. Contact them to learn about curbside pickup, delivery, and shipping options.


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