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This season on The Attachelor…

Wed, July 25, 2018

This season on The Attachelor… We are keeping the same great concept, but featuring all new contestants that were of course suggested by YOU! If you are new to the scene and are wondering what in the world this Attachelor business is all about well here is what you need to know.

  • A few months prior to the actual contest we ask YOU what attachment designs you want created.
  • We take ALL the comments and narrow it down to the five designs for YOU vote on during the contest.
  • Each week for five weeks YOU vote on your favorite style, and the attachment with the lowest amount of votes is taken out of the contest and the voting starts over – much like The Bachelor!
  • YOU ultimately decided the winner of The Attachelor which is then launched into the attachment line for the following year.

Here is last year’s winner, The Mermaid. She won by only 8 votes, so you can see how important it is to continuously vote for you favorite each week.


                                                                                        Click On Her To Add To Your Collection

As for the 2019 Attachelor, meet the 5 new design contestants that you get to vote for! We are so excited about the new designs that the entire CC Crew actually voted on which one they think will be the winner! We can’t miss out on this fun contest either.


We love The Attachelor contest, and we hope that you will love season 2 as much as you did the first season. Leave a comment in the comment section for who you want to win! We will add that into the overall voting for the week you left the comment in. Happy voting! 


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