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The Real Pets of Coton Colors

Fri, February 15, 2019

We love our pets! Whether they are dogs or cats {or anything in between} they make our days brighter, our lives fuller, and complete our families. Scroll down to meet some very important members of the CC crew.

"Meet Pig: A rescue Frenchie/Pitbull mix. My husband found her when he was in college, abandoned in our neighborhood. She earned the name Pig because she squeals like a pig (and eats LITERALLY anything, including watermelon and broccoli)" - Brittany, Product Manager

"Meet Remi (cat) & Abby (dog)! Both are rescues from high kill shelters and as sweet as can be!" - Blair, Marketing Associate

"Sampson was rescued from the pound in 2013 and has been a loving, hyper and sweet addition to our family ever since. He and my 2.5-year-old have an inseparable bond. Their favorite pastime is wrestling <3."  - Becca, Account Manager

"After our children left for college, the house was too quiet. We got Bandit and he's now our third child. He's a Havanese. Such a joy and loves everyone! We drop him off at my Mom's each morning and he's the perfect companion to her during the day." - Cindy, VP of Sales & Marketing

"This is Joey. He enjoys sleeping, sunbathing, treats, and eating toilet paper. He is the best puppy brother I could ever ask for :)"  - Rebekah, Account Manager

"I'm surprised how far I had to go back on my phone to find these pictures of my pups. Turns out when you have kids you totally switch gears away from snapping pics of your fur babies! Gauge and Birdie are the sweetest dogs and put up with one very curious little boy at home who is constantly tugging their tails, "riding" them, and giving big hugs." - Julianna, Senior Account Manager

"This is Leo. He only plays fetch with toys of his size and will nap anywhere!" - Andra, Product Analyst

"If you know anything about me you know how obsessed I am with my little low-rider! This is Poppy! She's six and loves cuddling and treats. Here's also a picture of her sister, Elaine :)" - Whitney, Graphic Designer

"This is Juniper. She's a very sassy, very sweet, petite kitten. I adopted her in college when I woke up one day and decided I needed a cat. Her bio said she liked to be held and brushed which is not true at all. Baths are not her thing either." - Emily, Graphic Designer

"Here is Talulah Grace. She has the best personality and loves to go for rides, play with her duck, and lay in the sun. - Rachel, Sales Development Manager

"This is Scout and Piper! They are sisters and love being outside - especially at the beach." - Katie, Account Manager

"This is Lucy! She was to be my answer to living in a house full of boys. A precious little Yorkie to sit in my lap. Instead, she is the "Possum Slayer." She regularly brings us her bounty, which usually consists of a possum the same size as her, but has also been armadillos, snakes, and birds. So much for a sweet little girl! I was destined for snips and snails and puppy dog tails!" - Ashley, VP of Operations

"I am absolutely obsessed with my cat, Eloise. She’s almost two years old and is named after the Eloise at the Plaza children's books. Just like  Eloise from the books, she enjoys the finer things in life, loves exploring, and is big on accessorizing." - Abbie, Graphic Designer

"This is Tally. We adopted this Husky/Lab mix at St. George Beach and have loved her ever since. She loves snuggling, long walks, and belly rubs. She has been a great addition to our family!" - Lauren, Inventory Manager

"Meet Bugsy. He is one funny little Shih Tzu. He loves hiding toys under the bed, terrorizing deer and squirrels, and eating everything under the sun- except for chips. Bugsy doesn't do those carbs." - Maki, Marketing Associate

"This is Hazel and Ivy, and like all sisters, they fight all the time!  They have truly lived through a few of their nine lives - Ivy fell 40 feet from a tree and Hazel disappeared after we moved.  She was gone for 4 months (even during Hurricane Michael!) and was found by a sweet soul who returned her to us. Needless to say, she doesn't travel further than the driveways these days." - Samantha, AP Associate/HR Coordinator

"Meet Milly – or “Merry Miss Milly” formally! She an English Springer Spaniel with very distinctive markings, and she is packed with personality! Famous for being the most dedicated fetcher, she will fetch until whatever she’s fetching (mostly pine straw or a stick) has dissolved into the teeniest tiniest piece….and she’ll STILL find and fetch it when thrown or brushed off your lap! Her favorite activities (besides fetch) include swimming in loop-de-loos around our dock at the coast, getting blow-dried, nose rubs, and snuggling." - Kyle, Creative Director

And last but not least - this little guy is Cane. He has a very special story. Stay tuned to meet him on our following post on Toast, the Coton Colors blog.


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