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The Gift of Good Taste: Sugared Ginger Cookies

Tue, August 20, 2013

Though she’s a busy artist {she creates gifts and decor during the biggest gift giving time of the year}, Coton Colors Founding Artist, Laura Johnson loves to express her artistry and creativity at the holidays. For Laura, it’s a family affair!

Gathering together with family and friends always inspires her Coton Colors creations… Her gift-giving is no different.


Spending time in the Christmas kitchen with her three daughters is a tradition at the Johnson house. It’s a chance for the ladies to join forces, creating delicious foods and thoughtful gifts at the same time while having a bit of fun too!


Each holiday season, Laura challenges the girls to contribute their own tastes to Christmas, which sometimes leads to full-blown laughter as they try out the recipes of their choosing. {Of course, there have been a few flops along the way.}

This year, the chosen recipe for their tasty tidings was from our very own Visual Design Manager’s mother. As pretty as they are delicious, we decided to feature these Sugared Ginger Cookies in our The Happy Everything Cookbook.


So make your list, check it twice and spread some Christmas cheer with sugar and spice! Both fragrant and festive, these magical Sugared Ginger Cookies are like none you’ve ever tasted!

Download the recipe here. After making {or buying} your ginger cookies, you’ll need to assemble your gift of good taste. Here’s what you’ll need…


· Sugared Ginger Cookies
· White Paper Containers
· Ribbon
· Wax paper
· Sugared Ginger Cookie Sticker Printables

Our adorable white paper containers are from a chic little website - {order containers here}. Garnish is a fantastic site that offers stylish food packaging products. Just add a little creativity and transform these couture containers into haute gifts. The best part… You can order exactly the quantity that you need!

As a side note: It may seem early, but now is the perfect time of year to stock up on gift-giving essentials. With a seemingly endless series of fall and winter holidays around the corner, avoid the frustration of missing supplies {and the mad dash that ensues the night before… or let’s get real, the day of} to pull together pieces from the picked-over offerings at your local store.

Now is the time of year when craft and gift supply stores start to carry seasonal merchandise and unique wrapping supplies. Keep a watchful eye and snag the goods now, so when the holidays come, they’re actually fun! You’ll be able to focus on baking, making and gifting with less stress and more success.


1. Cut wax paper squares and stack between cookies.
2. Place the cookie stack into a white paper container.
3. Cut a length of ribbon to wrap around the container, but not overlap.
4. Secure the ribbon in place with our Sugar & Spice Sticker Printable.


Simply download our free Sugared Ginger Cookie Sticker for an easy DIY. Print our template with your home printer using 2.5” round sticker labels {Avery 5294}, and then adhere sticker to the top of the white container securing the ribbon in place. Download the Sugared Ginger Cookie Sticker printable here.


So butter them up with sugar and spice!



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