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Taurus Gift Guide

Mon, May 18, 2020

1. Neutral Nouveau Round Casseroles Set of 3 // 2. Zodiac Square Trinket Bowl - Taurus // 3. Oyster Half Dozen Platter // 4. Taurus Book (available in Atlanta and Tampa Coton Colors Flagship Stores) // 5. Black Mango Wood Round Board Extra Large (available in Flagship Stores) // 6. Gold Stripe Scoop Oval Tray // 7. Brushed Dot Scoop Bowl // 8. Celebrate Scallop Edge Bowl Candle // 9. Zodiac Mug - Taurus // 10. Blush Tube Vases Set of 3 // 11. Celadon Dragon Lotus Temple Jar (available in Flagship Stores) // 12. Celadon Dragon Lotus Gourd Vase (available in Flagship Stores) // 13. Gold Large Flare Plate Stand // 14. Gold Scallop Edge Dinner Plate // 15. Deco Rectangle Platter

The style horoscope for Tauruses has arrived! Whether you're reading this as a Taurus looking to treating yourself or on the hunt for a gift for a Taurus in your life, these pieces are curated based on the style and characteristics that make them so unique.

One thing is certain – you can never go wrong with these Taurus pieces from our Astrological Zodiac Collection. Including a mug and trinket bowl, these items incorporate the sign's glyph and punchy colors for a fun and unique look.

Although some may think of Tauruses as stubborn, they are generally described as reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, and stable. This list of gift ideas will speak to these traits and style preferences. 

Tauruses pay attention to fine details. Whether it's intricate patterns or delicate edges, they appreciate the uniqueness in design. This makes our hand-painted and hand-carved Oyster Collection a must as they lend a sophisticated air to any home.

Although we are currently out of stock online of the Oyster Trinket Bowl and Oyster Plate, you can find these pieces to complete your collection at our Flagship Stores in Atlanta, Tallahassee, and Tampa.

They are always looking for ways to spruce up their table or home with new décor elements. The modern yet feminine Blush Tube Vases Set of 3 adds a little "wow" factor to your shelf décor or latest flowers.

Tauruses love to make a statement, yet they favor pieces that stand the test of time. The classic colors and bold shapes in our Deco Collection checks off all the boxes. The sleek lines and bold color blocks please a Taurus' eye for detail.

Besides their unique shape, our scoop plates feature striking brush techniques and offer a raised wall that's perfect for catching every last bite, serving family dinners, or decorating their home.

The metallics in our gold scallop edge pieces coordinate with almost anything while adding a glamorous touch to a table setting.

Not to mention, our tabletop pieces can be used to dine, serve, or even to decorate. Pair a platter with a Plate Stand to give Tauruses the option to always have their favorite pieces on display in their china cabinet or on a gallery wall – when not entertaining of course.

It's true, Tauruses have a taste for expensive things. However, they don't spend money on frivolous things. Instead, they look for quality when making purchase decisions.

The Celadon Dragon Lotus Gourd Vase and Temple Jar are timeless and carefully crafted to perfection. Each is hand-made and hand-painted, making them one of a kind. These fine details make this a more expensive piece, but something Tauruses will cherish in their collection. Go in as a group to surprise a Taurus with this special piece! Available in our Flagship Stores, these ginger jars can function as a bold centerpiece or a beautiful vase to add a unique yet timeless element on their table.

Another statement piece that will stand the test of time is the Black Mango Wood Round Board {pictured here}. Its large size makes it ideal for hosting large gatherings. Stains and waxes can be used to enhance the natural grain patterns and markings of the mango wood. A modern take on the traditional charcuterie board, this serving dish's round shape and black color make it great for serving or decorating. The hook can double to carry the platter or hang in the kitchen to keep in quick and easy reach. This board and more charcuterie board essentials are available in our Flagship Stores.

Our Signature Candles make the perfect gift for a Taurus due to their functionality and beautiful shapes and patterns. Not to mention, every Coton Colors piece comes to life through the work of our designers in Tallahassee, Florida.

Faint floral undertones and a crisp, light scent make our Celebrate scented candles a delicious addition to their collection. Plus, they don't need to savor every last bit since they can remove the wax after it's burned to start using their functional bowl. This 2-in-1 gift is something they will use for years to come.

They're a fan of form and function. Our casserole dishes do that to a T. Not only are they beautiful, but their best feature is that this piece is freezer to oven to table friendly. This means make-ahead meals can look effortlessly stylish to serve guests in your home or at a gathering.

Find out more about this sign with this beautiful coffee table book about Tauruses, available at our Flagship Stores in Atlanta and Tampa. Enjoy some light reading to learn how this sign grows from child to adult, fits in at school and at work, and functions as a friend, parent, and more. Pick this book up to see test if your Taurus friends fit this description.

Looking for another sign? Our Atlanta and Tampa Flagship Stores carry all of the sign's books in this series from Courtney O'Reilly, a New York City-based contemporary astrologer and founder of Vibrant Soul Astrology.

Click here to shop Tauruses' style shop now. Cheers to Tauruses!


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