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Host a Tapas Party :: Invites & Bites

Thu, March 24, 2016
5745f079e35dc-orig.pngLooking for an easy way to entertain? Try a tapas party. Simple yet enjoyable, tapas celebrations are informal gatherings that encourage conversation, bringing people together to socialize and celebrate over flavorful food and delightful drink.

The idea of “tapa” originated in Spain nearly 200 years ago when a complimentary slice of smoked meat or cheese was served to guests atop a glass of wine. Today, tapas {meaning “to cover” in Spanish} refers to a petite portion of edible delicacies. From nuts, olives, fruits and assorted cheeses to roasted meats, stews and appetizers, this Spanish-inspired cuisine offers almost limitless options for easy, year-round entertaining.

Remember Laura’s mantra: “Forget the stress. Just bring people together, and a great gathering will unfold.” A tapas party will do just that! With minimal stress and maximum fun, these casually-elegant affairs offer a fuss-free venue that lets both the guests and the host relax and enjoy! But where to begin?

Start your spirited soiree with one of our savor-worthy invites. Nibble. Chomp. Sip. Crunch. No matter the flavor or flair for your party, our printable Tapas Party Invites are “Yum!”

Then select a menu with an assortment of sharable small bites. You may even want to have a theme… Sunday brunch, summer siesta, fall flavors. Although they can be lavish, many are simple, affordable recipes that can be prepared ahead of time. Just choose options that make sense for your budget and time line. When guests arrive, set your dishes out and let partygoers serve themselves. They’ll enjoy selecting different tapas to create a unique meal of their choice while you enjoy their company.

Don’t forget… pair tapas with good wine and great gab for best results. It’ll certainly spice things up!


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