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Celebrate Tailgate :: The Auburn Tradition

Mon, August 25, 2014


Thoughts on tailgate traditions from Laura’s youngest daughter Mary Parker who is currently a sophomore at Auburn University…

My freshman year, I had the privilege of living in the quad at Auburn. If you’re not familiar with Auburn, the quad is hands-down the best place to live. Why, you ask? It’s not only due to the cleanliness {as clean as a dorm room can be} and private bathrooms, but also because of its prime location! Every class and all the good eats are just a few short steps away {SIDE NOTE: this may have helped with the famous freshman fifteen}. Also just a few fabulous footsteps away… Jordan Hare Football Stadium!!

Every Saturday during the crisp fall months, my roommate and I would open our windows for Gameday, ready for the peek-perfect view of bright white tents covering the quad lawn where most alumni tailgate. As we searched through our closets, looking to find our cutest orange and blue, cries of “WAR EAGLE” would echo through the window. The whole experience just screams fall football!

When we were dressed and ready to go, with shaker in hand and our Pi Beta Phi pins proudly displayed on our dresses, we’d meet up with our gameday dates. Each is dressed in a navy blue blazer and orange tie, and within minutes, we’re headed off to their Fraternity house to enjoy live music and tailgate games. Tailgating is a proud Auburn Pi Phi tradition that I love to celebrate!

A couple of hours before the big game, we all huddle to witness the Auburn football team put on the “tiger walk”. When it’s time for the team to make its way into the stadium, the team bus lets our players out a few blocks away. Hundreds of people surround them giving cheers and high-fives as they walk into the stadium. It’s a tradition that happens each home game and it gets the fans pumped and ready for “war” on the field.

After all the exciting and thrilling wins this past year {it was a great year… right to the bitter end}, we would run out of the stadium, passing all the abandoned tailgates, straight to Toomers Corner to roll toilet paper over the famous Live Oak before heading out to celebrate the rest of the night!

I now return as a sophomore… Ready to celebrate more tailgates… and I can hardly contain my excitement!

Mary Parker Johnson, youngest daughter of Coton Colors Founding Artist, Laura Johnson. Mary blogs about her Coton Colors experiences, college life and style influences.


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