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Spring on Over to Facebook and WIN!

Fri, March 25, 2011

Ahhhh!  Spring is officially here folks and I am filled with JOY!!  The first day of Spring was March 20, and boy am I glad to see the seasons finally changing.  I am a true Florida girl, raised in Miami and now calling the capital city of Tallahassee my home.  I really do love the warm weather here, and all that comes with it.  Sun, fun, boating, boat drinks, cookouts, flowers, breezes, and yes I even welcome the scorcher days of 100 degree weather that make you wish for a tall glass of lemonade and a fan!

In honor of Spring, I’m inviting you to SPRING on over to Facebook and join our new Happy Everything fan page!  The Happy Everything fan page is where you’ll be the first to find out everything about Happy Everything!!  When you go to the fan page you’ll see an image like the one below…  be sure to ‘like’ us AND submit your email address so you’ll be entered into our weekly drawings for Happy Everything swag!

Of course we are still doing giveaways on the blog too.  Soooo, if you become a fan and leave us a comment, you could WIN a set of 4 flower bowls!  These bowls are great for Spring get togethers.  They are super cute and just perfect for candy, nuts, dips, you name it!

There are 3 ways to enter.  Be sure to do each step below…

1. Go to the Happy Everything Facebook fan page and submit your email address on the welcome page.

2. ‘Like’ the fan page.

3. Suggest the fan page to your friends, or post it in your status.

4. Leave a comment here after you’re done and let us know the ways that you have entered.  Also, we want to know what you’d like to see on the Happy Everything fan page.  All suggestions are welcome!!!



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