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Spring Floral Guide

Tue, March 19, 2019

If you've been following us over the years, you know we'll use any excuse to add flowers to our photo shoots! {See exhibit A, B, C - we could go on} We love the way a floral arrangement, even the simplest of bouquets, can brighten a room. With the spring season in bloom, we're shining a spotlight on some of our favorite seasonal garden picks. Read below for a helpful guide. You can also find more details on the original article featured in the 2018 Spring/Summer Edition of Toast Magazine.

Veronica: A spring garden must-have! Veronica is known for attracting butterflies, and perhaps more importantly, its resistance to the oh-so-cute garden villains, deer and rabbit.

Hyacinth: Hyacinth can be planted indoors by a sunny window and make excellent container plants for patios. {Learn how to pot plants in our bowls here} Just remember to move the container close to your living space so you can reap the rewards of these fragrant flowers once they bloom.

Dahlia: Perfect for the wedding season ahead. A symbol of elegance, change, and an everlasting union, Dahlias are often gifted during weddings and engagements. 

Lilac: If ever there were a plant we southerners would love to have from the north, it would probably be the fragrant Lilac. For those below the Mason-Dixon who want to experience these beauties, it’s probably best to stick with cut Lilac flowers. 

Heather: Tricky for gardeners to plant but oh-so worth it. We love the volume it gives to arrangements as a tall filler flower. Looking for something different for décor? Heather also works well dried.

Scabiosa: We love the laid-back charm and personality of these flowers, making them perfect for a relaxed, no fuss celebration. And, when paired in an arrangement, their frilly blooms and whimsical stems are sure to liven up any dinner party.

Waxflower: Originally from Australia, these flowers are popular in the cut-flower industry and are readily available. They are known for their long vase life {say no more} and we love them for their small size, making them ideal as a filler in larger arrangements. Try Waxflower wherever you would use Baby’s Breath for something new! 

Garden Rose: While the outer petals are structured like a standard rose, the old garden rose has ruffled center petals that open up to fill the air with the most gorgeous fragrance. The White O’Hara variety we love has the softest blush center and ivory petals making it perfect for bridal bouquets, to give them a mix of femininity and romance. 


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