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Sara Kate On: Gold Leafing Pumpkins

Mon, November 20, 2017

If you still find yourself searching the Christmas clad aisles in search of a little something to spruce up your Thanksgiving table before your guests arrive, look no further. Sara Kate, our resident photographer and creative genius, has a DIY to transform your Thanksgiving table.

To buy:

Mini white pumpkins

Gold leaf kit (I used the sheets as opposed to flakes)

Metal leaf liquid adhesive

Bristle brush

Sponge brush

Paintbrush (if it doesn’t come with your kit)


Wipe pumpkins clean so they are free from any dirt or grime. Tip: Make sure they are completely dry.

Using a paintbrush, apply a thin coat of the metal leaf liquid adhesive to the area of the pumpkin you want gilded. Tip: Try to work on one spot at a time and in small patches.

Wait for the adhesive to change from white and wet to clear and tacky.

With clean dry hands, carefully lay the gold leaf sheet onto the tacky spot, being sure to cover the whole surface of the adhesive.

Tip: Gold leaf is very delicate and it’s a little tricky to work with, try to keep your design simple. It’s all right if your sheet tears or crumples, it adds to the design.

Use a sponge brush to gently press the foil down so it sticks to the adhesive and molds to the shape of the pumpkin.

Let dry completely, et voila!


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