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Road Map to Market :: Dallas {Round Up}

Mon, June 23, 2014


We’re still on the trail to untame Texas, and it’s time to paint the town happy! Our end of the road round up offers fuel for the belly and style seeker alike. So pull up your boots and hang on to your saddle… We’re still riding and celebrating Texas style!


1010 S Pearl Expressway
Dallas, TX 75201

A mainstay mecca for fresh fruits and veggies, the Dallas Farmers market is an institution. They’re open 362 days a year from 8am-6pm, making it a perfect {and reliable} stop on our frenetic market schedule. We love to peruse the produce, sample the prepared goods, and grab lunch from shed 2, the eateries and specialty foods stop. The number of choices is AMAZING!

You really must: Partake of a tequila shot. According to Laura, it does the body good any time of day.
May we suggest: Bring cash to haggle for better prices.

4810 Maple Ave
Dallas, TX 75220

Touted as a creation of two neighbors with a calling to celebrate low class cool, Maple & Motor has it all: great burgers, cold beer and quirky restaurant rules. They serve burgers 2 ways: “pink or not pink,” and don’t even think about letting your kids disturb other customers… The staff is quick to inform you, “there’s a place down the street for that.” Don’t snag a table before ordering and, most important, “Be nice or be gone.” This is a spot where you better have a sense of humor and thick skin because mean is on the menu.

You really must: Try a burger their way {Really… That’s the only way}
May we suggest: Coming early or after traditional lunch/dinner hours. The line is often out the door.


4300 Lemmon Ave
Dallas, TX 75219

For a GREAT steak and an old fixture on the Dallas steakhouse scene, we go to Bob’s on Lemmon. It’s the original Bob’s location, and in our opinion, still the best!

You really must: Get their signature bone-in ribeye. It’s literally melt in your mouth good.
May we suggest: The accompaniments - a selection of yummy side dishes. Surprisingly delicious!


2455 N Main St
Fort Worth, TX 76164

We admit it. We love an extra day to unwind deep in the heart of Texas after our adventures at the Dallas market. For this, we head to Fort Worth to enjoy the famous stockyards, watch the cattle drive and see a rodeo. Although all the Texas lifestyle is invigorating, the incredible handmade boots at ML Leddy’s is what really gets us in the sassy cowgirl spirit!

You really must: Have a custom boot fitting. Just be ready for the 14-month delivery time after ordering your perfect pair.
SIDE NOTE: It’s worth the wait!
May we suggest: Their “off the rack” boot selection for instant gratification.

Follow all our fun as we continue to mark our road map to market. Next stop… Atlanta! Our summer itinerary is full. Don’t miss a mile!


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