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Resolve to Live in Style!

Fri, January 4, 2013

With Christmas decorations down - ornaments packed up and tree at the road - I’m feeling a little down too!


My house was so full of warmth and cheer and now it’s feeling a little sterile and empty - I’ve gotta do something! It is a NEW Year… so I’m thinking about a new style.  My favorite way to breathe new life into my home is by moving things around a little. Simply moving the arrangement of furniture around in a room always makes me feel like I’m in a new space. Even changing the orientation of a rug can provide some unexpected interest. Starting with switching up things you already own like chairs or side tables, or perhaps bringing something in from another room can make you feel like it’s new again! And of course, don’t forget to switch out your Happy Everything Attachment, that always gets me excited and adds a little more happy to our home. At our house, we are still celebrating the start of this New Year and looking forward to the new styles to come from Coton Colors in 2013!



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