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Q&A with Laura: Christmas at the Johnson House

Mon, December 22, 2014


Favorite Christmas tradition:

The time I get to spend with my girls prepping the house for Christmas. We turn the Christmas music up, have a fire in the fireplace and have the best time getting everything ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day festivities. We are a well-oiled machine and everyone has their job down pat. Kyle typically takes on the tablescape, Sara Kate polishes the silver and Mary Parker keeps us fueled by making her special banana nut waffles. She is the waffle-making queen.

What is always on your Christmas dinner table:

Prime Rib. Milton insists, but it’s always phenomenal so we don’t argue with the cook! Another must have on our table is spinach madeleine. The recipe was passed down from my mother-in-law. Funny story – the first year Milton and I were married, I was determined to recreate his mom’s famous spinach madeleine. The recipe called for pot liquor. I spent about an hour walking up and down the aisles of our local liquor store trying to find it. Little did my newlywed-self know that pot liquor was simply the leftover liquid from the pot. Not a Christmas goes by that I don’t think about my mother-in-law and that story.

Best Christmas gift you’ve ever received:

Anything my sister has given me. I’m pretty lucky. She’s an excellent gift giver.

Favorite ornament adorning the tree this year:

We spend so much time outside that we decided to do two trees this year - one in our living room and one on our back porch. My favorite ornaments on our indoor tree are definitely the ones my kids have made over the years. Seeing those ornaments brings back so many sweet memories. I also love my Coton Colors Rejoice Nativity Scene Ornament. Every time I look over and see that ornament on the tree, it reminds me of the best gift we could receive – Jesus!

Our outdoor tree is covered with woodland ornaments. My favorite has got to be our little chicken ornaments, which are a nod to our chickadees in our coop in the back yard. We also have a little raccoon ornament that is simply adorable, but Milton might not agree. It’s a little reminder of the raccoon that pays us a nightly visit, which Milt is never too thrilled about.

It’s 8am on Christmas morning. What is your family doing?

You would think with the girls being older now, we would have a chance to sleep a little later on Christmas, but that’s not the case in the Johnson house! By 8am, we are gathered around the fire in our pjs, opening gifts. But we have a rule - only one person opens a gift at a time! This will be our first Christmas though without Tucker, our Boykin Spaniel. Even when he was older, he would have the energy of a puppy on Christmas morning! One by one, he would parade around with his new toys in his mouth and line them up in the living room for us all to see. It was hysterical. He will greatly be missed this Christmas.

And of course, presents are always followed by breakfast and mimosas…cheers!


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