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What’s White Now!

Fri, March 28, 2014


For a while now, the Coton Colors Design Team has felt the need to create a set of white dishes. We knew these were a staple in many homes and the perfect mix and match option for both every day and seasonal entertaining. The problem was, we just couldn’t find it in our “color-full” nature to bite the bullet and design plain ole’ white plates. Then inspiration hit…

I started experimenting with different paint techniques we currently use in our line and found one that allowed the color white to POP on the natural clay color of the dish. Success! The color palette “Whitewashed” was born. Next came the patterns.


We wanted something that would give our white Swap Tabletop dishes texture, but still feel like Coton Colors. We decided {after much naming debate} on an updated, more sophisticated dot with a natural feel - slightly imperfect meets perfectly organic - and Pebble was born. I designed the “Pebble” pattern alongside our other white pattern, “Plank” which also has an organic feel, pairing white-on-white to create flowing stripes. When mixed, the geometric qualities of each pattern look even better. The whitewashed effect on both patterns makes them simply stylish staples for the home, and in my opinion just goes to show that Coton Colors doesn’t just do white dishes or linens…we do them with flair! ;)

The beauty of of our new white dinnerware, serveware and linens is their ability to mix seamlessly together creating tone on tone table settings that feel fresh, crisp and clean. But their ability to pair with both neutrals and brights exponentially increases the number of potential “swaptions” making them an ideal option for every day or seasonal entertaining. Dressed up or down, our white just feels effortlessly stylish yet casually elegant, like the perfect go-to little white dress!

Kyle Johnson, Product Design Manager and daughter of Coton Colors founding Artist, Laura Johnson. Kyle blogs about her inspirations, style staples and design loves.


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