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Our Trip to Sea Island for the Southern C Summit

Mon, March 27, 2017

A few weeks ago in Sea Island, Georgia, we were honored to host the Welcome Dinner at the Southern Coterie’s annual Southern C Summit. The Southern Coterie, created by Whitney Long and Cheri Leavy, is a creative online forum intended to bring southern entrepreneurs and visionaries to a beautiful place to inspire and encourage one another. A place where great conversations are often had- a virtual front porch if you will.

The annual Southern C Summit is a three-day conference that brings the online community they have built to life. With workshops led by a few of our industry favorites including Gray Malin, Mandy Kellog Rye, James Nord, and Libbie Summers, it’s a chance to celebrate, collaborate and learn while engaging with other writers, brands, and creatives, challenging ourselves and growing our business. Since we never miss an opportunity to celebrate, we jumped at the chance to be a part of this event.

In true Coton Colors fashion, our rain plan was put into full effect the morning of the welcome dinner; but when your venue is as stunning as the Cloister Resort , the rain plan was still an incredibly beautiful setting. And you know, nothing was going to keep us from throwing a fabulous party! The drinks were flowing, the band was keeping lively tunes playing, and we were able to show new friends a peek into how we celebrate at Coton Colors.

See a few of our favorite photos from the welcome dinner and our trip to Sea Island below, and make sure to follow The Southern C for more inspiration. We can’t wait to share the friendships forged and what we learned at this inspiring conference with you.

Photos by Teresa Earnest, Grey Owl, Kelli Boyd and Kathryn McCrary Photography for The Southern C Summit



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