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O Christmas Tree

Tue, December 21, 2010

My husband loves holidays.  He’s happiest when the house is decorated up.  He is at his most patient when he is stringing lights & hanging wreaths.  (Which, by the way, send me screaming!)

His very favorite holiday decoration is the Christmas tree.  It is a tradition every year to gather the girl’s and head out to choose our tree.  He is picky, I mean really picky.  When the girls were in elementary school he once went to the nursery ahead of us, picked out the tree, paid for it and had them hold it for him.  With big gusto he ushered us all to the nursery and allowed “us” to pick out a tree.  It took some salesmanship on his part but we ended up with his previously chosen tree and the girls were none the wiser.

We have also returned a tree once we got it home and it just wasn’t right.  I’m serious.  We brought it home, put it in the stand, strung the lights, began decorating it, then decided it was too small…and returned it!

Each year we look forward to our Christmas tree selection, Milton most of all.  I am embarrassed to admit but we have had many a family fight in recent years over which tree to get.  Mary Parker likes them bigger and swears when she is married she will only have a 12 foot tree in her home, nothing smaller.  Kyle likes them fatter.  Milton doesn’t usually like any we pick out and always thinks whichever size we decide on is too big.  Sara Kate and I are mostly happy to go along but in the tough years there was always someone crying.

This year I had zero fighting tolerance and we ended up with two beautiful trees, one inside and one outside Although Mary Parker says they are tooooo small! The kind of tree she likes has to be delivered by truck…

Finally, I am so happy to have a tree experience with no tears! I will try to snap a good photo of our final choices and post them soon but in the meantime I would love to hear your stories of selecting and decorating your Christmas tree.  (Please tell me that it sometimes ends in a family feud…)  Also, feel free to send me photos of your tree.  You can post them on Facebook and tag Coton Colors, or email them to our marketing team at

The best tree picture will win a Happy Everything cookie jar with a Tree attachment!

Winner will be announced Christmas Eve…

Happy tree trimming!!!


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