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This or That? :: Top Picks for Multifunction Masters

Mon, May 5, 2014

During Product Design at Coton Colors, functionality is always at the forefront of our minds. We want to ensure each and every one of our products is casually elegant, yet easy and enjoyable to use. If it can serve as a multi-functional piece, even better!

The design doesn’t stop there. I put these “decor-and-more” pieces to good use in my own home as well. Here are a few of my favorite ways to redefine how to use traditional pieces for fresh purposes that are good-looking and hard-working.


Take our bowls for example. They come in various sizes, which makes pulling them out for last minute entertaining, shelf décor, and jewelry or toiletry storage absolutely ideal.


Another double-duty necessity… Our new Skinny and Scoop Trays! I use them all over my house – by my front door to corral keys and change, perched atop my vanity to house perfumes, and placed on my coffee table as a catch-all for remotes and more. The possibilities are endless!


You’ll cultivate compliments with our Marvelous Markers Set. I recently planted a garden in my back yard, and the perfect addition were these adorable markers to name each sprout! The ceramic is sturdy in the ground, easy to read, and can withstand the elements – plus they’re so cute to boot!


Now for my best desk accessory. Nothing seems more frustrating than searching through tangled office supplies for that paper clip or tack that I know is somewhere in there. The Trio Bowl is the perfect solution for organizing my desk. Now I never have to spend time untangling paper clips or sticking finger tips! A convenient bonus: The knob let’s me easily transport supplies from desk to meeting.


Finally, as a resident of Florida, I’m fortunate to dine al fresco in beautiful outside spaces quite a bit. My new favorite picnic blanket… Our tablecloths! They fold up to an ideal size to pack in any basket, beach bag or travel tote, and the patterns and colors match the bright sunny days in the park or by the shore.

Now tell us your favorite dynamic duo design!

Kyle Johnson, Product Design Manager and daughter of Coton Colors founding Artist, Laura Johnson. Kyle blogs about her inspirations, style staples and design loves.


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