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Mother’s Day Musings

Thu, May 8, 2014


Shown clockwise left to right: Laura’s father Bud, sister Marcie, Founding Artist Laura Johnson, brother Jay and mother Dee

My mother is one of the greatest influences in my life {just ask her!}. After all, it was her intuitive mothering skill that led me to find my passion… Art. Instead of following in my big sister’s athletic footsteps, she realized early on that a redirection to fit my natural talent was necessary. As a child and teen, she kept me involved in all types of artistic classes, even getting approval for my acceptance into advanced level, adult classes to further develop my skills. Mom has an innate ability for inspiring people to support her suggestions.

Her encouraging words have never ceased. Even today, she is my biggest fan and is always the first one to support to my crazy, dream-big ideas. And she isn’t only a “side line” supporter, she continues to be an active part in building the business of Coton Colors each and every day, running our Tallahassee Flagship Store and giving creative input.

I am one lucky daughter and am thankful for her on Mother’s Day and every day. Don’t forget to celebrate your meaningful Mom!


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