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Meet Kristin!

Wed, May 26, 2010

I’d like you to meet our National Sales Director, Kristin Hendrix. Kristin eats, sleeps and breathes Coton Colors.

She is so successful at her job because she is our number one fan, her house is FULL of Coton Colors - she really can’t get enough. Her favorite pastime (besides working with customers) is planning parties and events. She plans the most elaborate, whimsical, themed parties you have ever seen.

Don’t believe me? I give you exhibit A: Her daughter’s 7th birthday party. Lyndee wanted a slumber party, but Kristin wasn’t too keen on staying up all night with sugared up seven year olds. She came up with the idea of having a “night owl pajama party” where all the girls come in their pjs and enjoy all the trappings of a slumber party… and then go home. Brilliant, isn’t it?!?

To bring the theme to life, Kristin constructed a table that was made up like a bed, complete with night owl pillows!

The girls were given the spa treatment complete with paraffin wax treatments, foot baths, manicures and pedicures. Pink polka-dot was the polish of choice for this stylish group. The spa stations were set up right next to the girl talk tent where they could go in and get their gossip on!

While their nails were drying, the girls hit the hair-do station. Kristin had recruited a hip hairstylist to doll the girls up with crimps and curls. Kristin creatively used Coton Colors birthday bowls to hold all of the hairpins and ponytail holders. The hairspray was thick in the air, but the girls were loving every minute!

Finally, you can’t have a slumber party without pizza and cupcakes! The party goers enjoyed their snacks on our precious lattice ruffle plates and the cupcakes looked too cute on our stacked cake stands. (I told you Kristin is Coton Colors through and through!)

I can tell you one thing, the birthday girl was in heaven. After being pampered and fed, all her friends went home with fancy fingers, trendy toes, beautiful bouffants and lots of great memories. Her party was the talk of the elementary, and all the little girls are now asking their Mommies for faux slumber parties!!

As you can see, Kristin has super skills in the party planning department and lucky for us, she puts her skill set to work here every day selling and servicing Coton Colors customers. Hope you enjoyed meeting her, we sure are glad she is a part of the Coton Colors family!!


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