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Marching Right Along

Mon, February 28, 2011

Easter is extra late this year so we have more time to get excited about St. Patrick’s Day!  I always love wearing green and pinching anyone who’s forgotten.  I still haven’t ever found a real four leaf clover, but I look for them every year!

If you’re looking for a lucky little project, here are a few fun easy ideas…

Give ‘em pockets full of gold!  Cute little bags filled with rainbow twizzlers and chocolate gold coins are such cute goodies for all of your children’s friends!

Magically delicious!  Just add a few lucky charms marshmallows to your cupcakes and your little leprechauns will eat them up!

When you’re not sporting your Coton Colors wreaths, how about a cute 4 leaf clovery rag wreath?  They’re easy to make and look super cute in green!

And for the men in your life…

Chocolate Guinness Goodness!  Enjoy these little pots of chocolate gold with anyone who enjoys stout beer and dessert.  They are safe for kids to eat, and I’m sure they won’t turn down pudding in any form!!

Erin go braugh y’all! {Ireland forever!!}


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