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Looking for FUN Summer Crafts??

Thu, June 2, 2011

I remember going to the beach all the time with my girls when they were younger.  We would have fun playing in the sand all morning with the sun shining, but then the dreaded afternoon showers would start rolling in. It’s always a good idea to have a few crafts prepared for times like these. I have found a few that are PERFECT for the kids to do while it’s storming out, or even if they just need a break from the sun!

What child isn’t mesmerized by colorful fish? Make and Takes shows us how to recreate these adorable Paper Plate Tropical Fish.

Sticking with our fun fish theme, how about these Paper Plate Portholes! Help your kids explore the sea with this fun and easy craft from Kaboose. Who could imagine all the things you can do with a few spare paper plates?! SO easy and SO cute, your kids are sure to love these fun crafts.

Now, this next craft idea is for the ambitious overachiever. This beautiful shell wreath takes a little bit more time to create, but will be a great keepsake of your time spent at the beach with the kids. {Bonus: Put your kids to work finding the perfect shells and it will keep them busy all day!}  My Romantic Home shows us how to make this stylish wreath here.

Also, Congratulations to Alisha (commenter #2) for winning the Mini Platter with a Bus attachment! We love the idea of giving a little HAPPY back to our teachers!!


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