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Fri, September 2, 2011
I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to make a BIG announcement from Coton Colors…
The Coton Colors Crew and I have been working so hard on a huge project for over a year now and today I can finally share it with you all… so without further adieu, The Happy Everything Cookbook is NOW available for pre-order!
Why a cookbook, you ask?  Many of you know that I have always loved celebrating, from the predictable, familiar family birthdays to the spontaneity of last minute, impromptu gatherings. Through Coton Colors, I’ve had the distinct joy of growing a business marrying my passions of handcrafted artistry with inspiration for celebratory moments. We joyously create hand-painted pottery designed to exemplify chic sophistication, with a touch of fun… exuding the creativity with which I live my own life.
The Happy Everything platter is my favorite creation, and the collection grew out of my innate desire to attach a little bit of “happy” to everything. To me, living life in style means finding smiles in the most ordinary of moments. After years of considering capturing these concepts in a cookbook, I finally gathered the most important ingredient necessary - my talented friend, Susan “Susie” Murray - to share her recipes and her seasoned entertaining philosophies. An invite to Susie’s home for dinner is a true treasure… I never pass up the opportunity to experience her delicious and detailed menus.
Like many others, young married life and early parenthood found both Susie and I making the mistake of working entirely too hard to impress. We were chronic over-achievers and the desire to have everything “done right” was paralyzing at times. Were our homes perfectly presentable? Were the flowers precisely placed? Was the food hot and ready as guests arrived? And moreover, was it delicious enough to wow? Were our children on their best behavior {or could we quickly get them fed and to bed}? Fortunately, it didn’t take us long to realize… the simple act of hosting friends and family at your table is enough to evoke gratitude from all present. When you look back on your life one day, all that matters is that you enjoyed every day, whether your home was perfect or not!
Years of experience have shaped Susie and I into comfortable entertainers, and “The Happy Everything Cookbook” offers recipes and menus to relish with friends and family, sans the stress and stuffiness. Entertaining – and really life itself – doesn’t have to be about over-achieving. The sections the cookbook are centered around some of our most favorite, happy gatherings.  Susie has developed cohesive menus that are complimentary when prepared together, however, we hope you’ll be curious and enjoy the individual recipes along with your family favorites as well. The fabulous food, tips and tidbits sprinkled throughout “The Happy Everything Cookbook” are designed to infuse a little “happy” into everything.  But the cookbook is about more than tasty recipes and decorating tips – we hope that it sets the tone to truly celebrate the relationships in your life and inspires you to create memorable events you, your family and friends will enjoy for years to come. Make time to celebrate all of the little things… in our eyes, the little things are the big things, after all.  So here’s to finding a little Happy… in Everything with “The Happy Everything Cookbook”!
Today, I am thrilled to share the new cookbook webpage.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • 250 pages of inspiration and vivid photography
  • 60+ delicious recipes organized into 11 festive events
  • Engaging stories that will make you laugh out loud
  • Decor ideas from the Clever Designer
  • Cooking tips from the Curious Cook
  • Lots of local flavor
  • And a great resource section full of our favorite places to shop

“The Happy Everything Cookbook” will be available in stores in November, but for those of you who pre-order NOW, we have a little surprise…  You will get a personalized, signed copy from Susie and myself!!  Yay!

One last thing, if you leave a comment below and let us know what you think about the new cookbook or post about the cookbook on your Facebook page or Blog,  you will be entered to win one for FREE! You can enter all 3 ways!!

The preview below will give you a little taste of what you will find in “The Happy Everything Cookbook”… Enjoy! {Just press play}


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