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Lemon-Aid Loot!

Fri, July 30, 2010

In my previous post I introduced you to Ramsay and her Lemon-Aid stand. Today, Ramsay and Haley took the proceeds from the stand and hit the stores!!

First stop… Coton Colors! Our Coton Colors flagship store in Tallahassee sells lots of fun gift items in addition to the entire Coton Colors line. Ramsey and Haley stocked up on all sorts of books, creative writing pads, colored pencils, and stuffed animals.

After that, they headed to Goodwill where they gave Ramsay and Haley a “private sale” of 1/2 off everything!! Thanks Goodwill!!! The girls finished off their shopping trip at Walmart, where they loaded up on silly bands, art supplies, microphones, play-doh, baby dolls, and hot wheels.

Ramsay and Haley will be delivering all their goodies on Wednesday, August 4th to the TMH Kids Corner! We will be sure to get some pictures of all the patient’s smiling faces when the Lemon-aid loot arrives!!!


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