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Laura: Thoughts on the New Year

Mon, January 1, 2018

As I sit here writing this I’m surrounded by the sound of the Gulf of Mexico. There’s nothing quite like being on the coast to reflect on the past year and recharge for the year ahead. We celebrate every year this way – at the beach catching up with family and friends. Regardless of the temperature we always light a fire, because it’s meant to be cold in January… even in Florida. And we always cook, a LOT! And always share a lot of laughs.

Coton Colors has hit a big milestone, and it is giving me a lot to reminisce about. This month marks the 20 and one-half anniversary of Coton Colors. The summer of 1997 was a big moment in time for me. I moved out of my makeshift working space in my garage and leased my very first studio (a major step for me, as at that point I had three young daughters at home). On June 5th I incorporated as Coton Colors Pottery and launched an “official” business. I had been creating and selling for some time by then, but that was the starting point of what you see as Coton Colors now.

I took my first full, albeit small, product line to market in Atlanta – a true dream come true moment for me! I was no longer selling products out of the trunk of my car to neighboring stores, I was officially selling to the mass public. For that dream being realized, and everything that has happened since or yet to come, I am so grateful.

I’ll close on resolutions since people always ask me about it. I like to save my resolutions for the summer, after the hype of the New Year is over, and always encourage others to refocus on 3 things they’d like to change or achieve for themselves also. I will say, however, that I’m already on track for one of mine - take time to travel just for fun. Don’t get me wrong, I travel an awful lot. But this type of travel is somewhat different, more personal. For me, it doesn’t have to be an extravagant or long trip, it just has to be a planned time to get away. By that, I mean blocking off time on my ever-busy calendar to be with my loved ones and experience new things. I already have a few exciting trips planned, but hope to add a couple long weekends to the calendar.

Whatever your resolutions are – to exercise, read more, get healthy, etc. – I hope you are also finding opportunities to celebrate every day.


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