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Laura On: What’s on My Calendar This Month

Fri, October 6, 2017

We’ve got more treats than tricks this month, starting with our annual Coton Colors Warehouse Sale. Next week we will open our giant (over 40,000 square feet!) warehouse for the Tallahassee community and those that travel from afar. I look forward to this event because it gives me the chance to reconnect with longtime Coton Colors’ supporters in a relaxed and fun way. People always tell me how much they love getting the chance to find fun “vintage” Coton Colors pieces that we bring out of the vault. It is a week-long marathon with lots of happy and opportunities to celebrate. If you are in Tallahassee, I would love to see you – head HERE for more details. Who knows, we may even have a few “tricks” up our sleeves.

Speaking of tricks, Sara Kate recently moved into a charming little bungalow in Tallahassee’s choice neighborhood for Halloween festivities. Families from around town descend upon this neighborhood with its haunted houses and ghosts and goblins. Seeing as how our neighborhood is the exact opposite and all of Milton’s candy purchases go uneaten year after year, we’ve decided to take Sara Kate up on her invitation to a Halloween party. Knowing Sara Kate’s creativity, I’m sure it will be a great time and I won’t be left with mounds of candy at my house!

I hope all of you are finding many opportunities to celebrate this month.



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