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Laura On: Weekend in Naples + a family recipe

Wed, February 18, 2015


My aunt and uncle live in Michigan, but recently purchased a home in Naples to trade in harsh winters for some warm weather and sunny skies. They grew up in Florida therefore appreciate just how glorious the “winter” months can be in the Sunshine State.

I have eagerly been anticipating their return so we planned a weekend celebration in Naples to welcome them home – a mini family reunion of sorts. So last weekend, Milton, my parents and I, loaded up the car and headed south, with a pit stop in Tampa to pick up my sister and her husband.

What’s a celebratory housewarming trip without a housewarming gift? I had so much fun putting together a welcome home basket for them, filled with some of my favorite things. A tapas set was an essential part of their gift. After all, I can only assume that they will have an influx of houseguests and will be doing plenty of sunset entertaining in their new home. Also a Florida staple - colorful glassware and a bowl of fresh citrus to have on hand at all times. I love having a bowl full of oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit on the kitchen counter. We are constantly picking from the bowl for breakfast, a snack, or a fresh spritzer at happy hour. And it adds a pop of color to the kitchen! Also in their basket were some neat vintage Florida postcards for them to send to their friends in Michigan. Lastly, as part of their gift, I included a copy of my absolute favorite childhood book, The Lion’s Paw. We have tons of kids in the family, so I know that having this Florida-based book on hand will provide some entertainment for the little ones who may be visiting.

Knowing our family’s love for games, I packed cards and backgammon and I’m sure glad I did. We spent most of our time out on the porch enjoying the weather and playing some of our favorite games together. I knew that cinnamon rolls (our special family recipe) would be on the menu for breakfast, so I made sure to have all the ingredients for them on hand, also. It’s my grandmother’s recipe that’s just TOO GOOD not to share. You guys can thank me later. Oh and if you love that pie plate, don’t worry. It will be available soon!


We had such a wonderful weekend welcoming my aunt and uncle back to the Sunshine State. It was so much fun, I’m already planning our next trip to Naples.

I’d love to hear how you guys like the recipe and about some of your go-to housewarming gifts!




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