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Laura on: Wedding dress shopping

Mon, December 28, 2015


Thinking back over the past 5 months since Kyle & Warren were engaged, there have been so many fun times we have experienced together as a family through this journey. I’ve always known weddings were a special time full of much togetherness and oh, yes, the stress that accompanies all of the excitement and joy. Luckily, so far, the joy has far surpassed the moments of stress.

Wedding dress shopping was one of those times, a huge helping of fun and happiness tempered with just a tad of stress. Kyle and I both knew this would be a testing time as Kyle is extremely particular person when it comes to all things fashion.

The tradition of wedding dress shopping in our family began with Taylor, my niece when marrying her husband, Thomas, two years ago. My sister, Marcie and I have three girls each and during Taylor’s wedding planning, the girls created 6 traditions that they would keep for each of their weddings. The first of the six is to have all girls present when wedding dress shopping. This could be a disaster waiting to happen, especially after watching episodes of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’, however the girls really make this work well. For this occasion, personal interests are tabled and Kyle’s interest remained the goal. (Now don’t think these girls are perfect, there are many other times when personal interests are challenged or rallied, rest assured).

Taylor invited us to her home in Atlanta, for a fun filled weekend of shopping, fun and reminiscing. We all gathered together Friday from the various cities we all live in now, Tampa, Auburn and Tallahassee. Sweet Taylor had many surprises ahead of us, the first being greeted with a decorated table with collected wedding photos of all of our family weddings.

Mary Parker arrived later than expected but with a special delivery of homemade “countdown cookies” she baked herself in her college apartment. She came to find out that her apartment was outfitted with the tiniest of cookie sheets, forcing her to bake each cookie one by one, which was the cause of the delay.

I even snuck up a surprise, my wedding dress for Kyle to try. It was so special to me as it was to wear my mother’s dress in my wedding but that was back in the eighties and the styles have truly changed (oh yes, the eighties fashions are always laughable!) Kyle gamely modeled the dress, but it is true there are dresses that are suited to each personality and this one was an obvious mis-match.

We set off Friday for a full day. By Saturday afternoon, the stress was truly building, after umpteen dresses tried on but the dress not found. Our fears mounted that the dress may not exist(!). Kyle was a trooper, keeping an open mind and trying on many different styles but there wasn’t one that really suited her. When we prompted her for what she was looking for in a dress she explained:

-something unique

-with small touches of festive

-and NOT a party dress, she wanted it to be truly a wedding dress

We ended up empty handed as none really fit the bill. But…as we headed back home a call to our local bridal shop, Vocelles secured an appointment the following week. Fingers crossed.

Alas, success! The dress was found right away. This one truly checked off all of the requirements and suited her and the occasion perfectly. The final decision was easily made when her sister, Sara Kate, found & fitted the perfect veil. Beautiful, and found right here in our own hometown.

I’ve included a couple pictures below of our shopping adventures. Notice the picture of me sketching that sweet picture of a donkey? Let me explain. The first dress Kyle tried on was truly unique, we called it the macramé dress, a fitted beautiful hand made gown. It looked great on her but the style and material would be more suitable for another venue other than our chosen site. I excitedly suggested a destination wedding in California where I could have this sweet donkey, with the “slouchy” stockings, the floral blanket and his long eyelashes. Too cute! But alas, cooler heads prevailed, no macramé dress and certainly no donkey… J

Now the countdown is truly on…only 4 more days. I simply cannot wait!

Dress shopping



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