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Laura on: Surprise Treat for my Girlfriends

Thu, January 29, 2015

On Monday I shared with you all about my upcoming girls’ mountain getaway. If you missed that post, you can read it HERE. Well, I had a surprise up my sleeve for the girls who arrived at the lodge early. I shipped a little care package of bright personalized mugs for my favorite ladies to enjoy. A cute mug filled with something warm to wrap your hands around on a cold morning makes me happy, and I was hopeful that the surprise mugs would bring some happy to my friends as well. The way I look at it, even if I’m sitting in a dreadful place, if I’m sipping coffee from something pretty, my day and mood are automatically brightened. Can anybody relate? The mountains are a far cry from dreadful, but I still thought personalized mugs would be a fun treat for the girls to sip from! And seeing the mug being put to good use, warmed my heart. And hopefully warmed their hands!



Laura Johnson, Founding Artist and CEO of Coton Colors.


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