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Laura On: Our Second Edition of Toast

Mon, May 15, 2017

I’ve always loved to entertain. And with a big family, we do often. Whether it’s our annual Thanksgiving feast (which we covered in the last issue of Toast, if you missed it!) or when my daughters stop by after work for appetizers and a drink, I find myself entertaining frequently.

Now, I know that I am somewhat odd in the fact that I love all parts of entertaining. I’m aware that’s not the case for everyone. Many get overwhelmed by what to do, what to serve and how to prepare. It paralyzes them, therefore they can’t ever enjoy hosting friends or family, and they may avoid doing it often. So in our quest to inspire a celebratory lifestyle for everyone, everywhere, we wanted to focus this issue on all things entertaining, specifically how to help you be a more comfortable entertainer and enjoy the experience.

We’ve filled this second issue of our lifestyle magazine with tips, our best practices, go-to recipes and all the things we’ve learned along the way to help put the ease into entertaining. After all, at Coton Colors, we create products that we would use in our homes that help us entertain and celebrate, so we’ve learned a thing or two over the years!

I hope that each of these articles and stories is helpful in taking the pressure off entertaining. One thing I always tell those asking for my one piece of advice when hosting is; that the hostess sets the tone. Who cares if the appetizers are store bought or you run out of ice. Just bring people together – a celebration will surely unfold.

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