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Laura on: New Year’s Eve Wedding Countdown

Thu, December 17, 2015


Let the countdown begin…

I can hardly believe that the wedding is upon us…two weeks and counting. What a wonderful {and fast} journey this has been. It was just back in July that Milton called me while I was away in Atlanta during the annual AmericasMart gift show to say…”well…we’re having a wedding”. Warren had asked Milton for Kyle’s hand in marriage. He described the sweet meeting so well. Warren came up our back walkway with his trademark grin on his face, bigger than usual. After a little bit of random chitchat Milton prodded Warren with… “So do you have something you want to ask me?” Warren remembers being far more nervous to speak with Milton than he was to ask Kyle.

How hard it was to hold my excitement in, especially as he had planned to ask her the day after my return from Atlanta. The fun built as his plans unfolded, a surprise trip to the coast, a place with special meaning to them both. Warren and Kyle have known each other since they were born. They spent many days as children on the various boats, skis and tubes running around Alligator Point Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico. Many hours they have spent around a continental gin table or double solitaire, multiple trips out to the sandy bottom reef, a natural gathering place for family and friends at low tide. Being “on the water” is a vital need for the both of them. They met as babies and became friends over the many years of growing up, attending the same high school and even attending senior prom together. The romance sparked in mid college and has continued to build as they moved into young adulthood. It’s been a pleasure to watch friends grow into a couple. Rarely is it to see such a perfect match. They both are wonderful individuals but they are best together, balancing each other well.

The excitement grew as Warren fearlessly tricked Kyle into an impromptu trip to the beach. A busy time as we were just leaving for a family trip to the Abacos, Warren crafted a last minute trip down to the coast to find the perfect mask as well as stop by our home at the coast to pick up the snorkels and fins to take on vacation. He surprised her by popping the question out on our dock, where many happy family memories have been made. Needless to say by these pictures she was texting the family just prior to the engagement, Kyle had no clue it was coming.

The fun part was her sister, given the heads up just moments before because she absolutely can not hold a secret, was hiding in the only safe spot, the outdoor shower, to capture these “official” pictures. We are so happy for them.

A wonderful champagne reception was graciously hosted by Warren’s family where friends and family gathered to toast the newly engaged couple. Soon after the engagement, the wedding date was set. Why not celebrate on the biggest night of celebrations? New Year’s Eve it was. A wonderful beginning for them, entering the new year as the new Smiths!

Cheers to our two-week countdown!


Kyle’s Engagement



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