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Laura On: My Favorite Serveware Pieces

Fri, March 10, 2017

There are a few types of serveware pieces that I always go back to, time and time again.


Large Rectangle


It’s important to have different sizes and shapes of platters. I have an exceptional griller in my family, my husband Milton {lucky me!}, which takes a lot of the pressure off of entertaining because we grill often. I make sure to have an oversized platter on hand for prepping and serving his latest grilled specialty. Large platters are also great to serve several types of cheeses or an assortment of appetizers on as well.

I often collect large platters, and could hardly wait to get my hands on the new one Kyle designed. The colors are vibrant, and the pattern is fun and exciting. The best part about this shape is that I can make it look different by switching the type of dish or by adding serving bowls on top. When not in use, I store them vertically in my dish closet or stylishly thorough out my home as décor. That way, I never have to wonder where I put them when an impromptu dinner party arises.


Long and Skinny


Different shapes and sizes of platters are a must - the more unusual the shape, the better! Long and skinny platters break up my spread and add interest to the table. I find this shape great for serving bruschetta or my new favorite, crostini. Crostini recipes are everywhere these days, aren’t they? They are super easy to make, often with things I already have on hand. If you are looking for a new crostini recipe, I recommend trying these from Martha Stewart or Bon Appetit.



Switch it up with square platters. They are pretty as a charger under a place setting or perfect for savory dips served with chips, pita slices, or your favorite cracker.


Everywhere I turn, there seems to be features on entertaining with bowls. They are so popular and on-trend right now. I have several shapes and sizes placed throughout my home for easy access when entertaining. Different shapes provide me endless opportunities to present appetizers, drinks, or salads in many different ways.

Our Retro Trim Mod Appetizer Bowl is a personal favorite of mine. It’s the perfect size for small servings of stuffed olives, my favorite dips, condiments and toppings.


Not to be dramatic, but I could not live without our pasta bowls. Okay… I could do it, but I’m glad I don’t have to! These bowls are great for serving salads and pastas or for larger servings of dips such as pimento cheese or hummus. Plus, they are great statement pieces on my island or coffee table.



I seek out serveware made from all different types of materials. I love shopping at estate sales and antique shops. Sara Kate has become my go-to estate sale partner to seek out treasures. I find some really great deals, and there is always a story that accompanies each piece. I love finding wood, glass, rattan and marble pieces to add to my collection. These materials help add interest to my buffets or a simple Friday night appetizer spread and are great for balancing my colorful collection.


I definitely feel like these pieces take the intimidation out of serving, and hope you feel the same! Stay tuned this month for more effortless entertaining tips.




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