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Laura On: Introducing Our Children’s Melamine Collection

Fri, August 4, 2017

Introducing our newest collection…

This collection was created much like the company as a whole- with kids in mind. I started Coton Colors when my three girls and three nieces were little and it grew as they did. Today, they have each grown into beautiful, strong women, some with children of their own. Now, Parks and Collins, the first of the third generation, provide much inspiration for our products. In addition to them, we saw the births of seven other precious babies to the women here at our corporate office last year alone. We like to call it the Coton Colors Baby Boom.

The need arose for kid friendly dinnerware that was both educational and fun. We knew we wanted these pieces to be easy to use and fun for children, but also appealing to their parents. Each of the three themes have educational elements woven into them – Under the Sea (featuring fish to count), Out in Space (teaching the solar system), and In the Jungle (teaching colors). We hope their fun characters and colorful patterns and shapes make dinnertime fun for your little ones…and maybe even get them to eat their veggies!




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