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Laura on: Happy Everything Agenda

Mon, May 18, 2015


It’s time, it’s time!

The time has come to preorder your Happy Everything Agenda! Words can’t express how much I’ve anticipated this day. It’s been a long time coming, guys.

Our theme for 2015 is the “Year of Celebrations” and it was important to me to design products that really encouraged people to make it a priority to celebrate. There’s no denying that life is busy. Really busy. I wanted to design something that not only helped people (myself included!) stay organized, but something that also inspired them to pencil in time to enjoy life’s moments – big and small.

So here it is. Much time has been spent on getting the design and layout just right, and I think we nailed it. Our Happy Everything Agenda begins August 2015 and ends December 2016 and each month features:

· a month-at-a-glance page

· weekly pages

· space for to-do lists

· happy notes sections

· sections to capture what made you happy this week

· “get attached” sections to help you remember to change your Happy Everything attachment!

We also made sure to include happy quotes sprinkled throughout to cheer you on each week. It doesn’t get much happier than that!

So first, make sure you preorder your agenda right now to guarantee you can get your hands on one when they ship! And once this pretty little agenda shows up on your doorstep, rip open the package, grab your favorite pen or pencil and get to work. I hope this agenda inspires you to not only get organized but to get HAPPY and celebrate every day.



Happy Everything Agenda



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