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Laura: Happy Birthday, Dad!

Fri, March 16, 2018

The man who has taught me so much about what a life well lived means has a milestone 80th birthday this weekend. Given his birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day I can’t help but think about how lucky I am to have him as my dad. Lucky to have daily conversations with him… Lucky to hear his funny remarks and bits of advice… Lucky to have had a successful businessman to lean on while growing my business… He is a wise man that has taught me so much, especially in the 20 1/2 years that he has been by my side (literally, his office is right next door to mine) building this company. 

Whether in life or in business, the lesson that has resonated with me the most and the one I, in turn, share most often, is the value of building relationships. All of my life I have watched him cement relationships by, oh so patiently, taking the time to understand other people and celebrate them with small unexpected gifts of appreciation. People matter, every day.  In business, that includes adequately preparing for meetings because you value peoples’ time or taking the time to “get on the same page” and see things from others’ perspectives. He’s taught me that building relationships is also about sharing your own story, expectations, and desires with others.  Dad is remarkable in his ability to nurture and tend to people, never running from meeting to meeting without being purposeful with each encounter. I admire so many things about him and that is certainly among them. Although I am a work in progress, this lesson has served me well both personally and professionally.  

Dad, here’s to the first 80 years and many, many more - Happy Birthday!




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