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Laura On: Ginger Jar Gathering

Tue, September 6, 2016


I’ve long had a fascination with ginger jars and the story behind them. A design classic, with so many beautiful variations that I have found. The patterns and textures of this type of blue and white China inspired Kyle andIto design our Azurite Collection (found here) which serve as perfect summer entertaining staples. With different hues of blue and mesmerizing patterns, these pieces added color and excitement to my dinner table and cabinet décor this summer. With my Azurite pieces getting so much use for spur-of-the-moment summer hosting, I found a renewed love and obsession with ginger jars and these patterns, soon scouring local boutiques and stores for jars and complementary pieces to add to my collection. I decided it was appropriate to refresh my home, displaying my collection for the summer décor. I just love the detail and individual beauty of each piece, don’t you?

Created originally for the storing of precious spices in ancient China, the demand for these distinctive and elegant pieces grew in the 19th century. A European craze for blue and white china led to its use as décor rather than a merely functional item. I just learned that a blue and white pattern on a ginger jar is representative of the Yuan Dynasty, and is often painted with the symbol for double happiness. It’s given as a gift for special occasions, intended to last a lifetime. What beautiful symbolism and stories behind these stunning pieces. My current collection and some new finds sits right in my entryway - a perfect reminder to find a little happiness (or double the happiness!) in every day.



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