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Laura On: Dinner Party with Flower Magazine

Fri, April 14, 2017

In one of my recent posts on freshening your home with orchids (read here), I mentioned I entertained Margot Shaw, the editor and founder of Flower Magazine for dinner. I met Margot at an event we sponsored in which she was a guest speaker. She shares my love for flowers and design, so I was thrilled for the opportunity to get to know her better. As I quickly learned, Margot is a true delight. I loved that I had the opportunity to sit down with her in a more casual setting and learn her story.

I chose some of my favorite pieces from our Swap Tabletop collection to set the table. For the centerpiece, I decided to keep it simple and found some fresh tulips from Trader Joes and placed them in square containers.

In preparing the menu, I pulled out my secret weapon, the Happy Everything!™ Cookbook. This cookbook was a passion project of mine. It came to life back in 2011 when I was able to convince my friend, Susie Murray to design and create it with me. It was such a fun and BIG project, and an accomplishment that makes me very proud. The entire book was written and photographed by the Coton Colors crew, and the food is delicious. I go back to these recipes time and time again because they are so unique.

When Margot arrived, she brought with her a wrapped present for me, such a delight! Upon opening, I discovered a beautiful glass pitcher designed by a local artist in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. How did she know turquoise was my favorite color?

I started the evening by serving Sicilian meatballs in small appetizer bowls paired with antique silver spoons. Appetizers also included pistachios (my favorite), and of course, cheese and olives. We then moved to the dining room where the main course was served. For this course, I prepared Italian chopped salad, potato tortilla, and beef tenderloin (all found in the Happy Everything! Cookbook). The Italian chopped salad is fresh and delicious. Everyone kept asking me what “it” was that made this dish so unique. The secret is all of the fresh ingredients, especially the mint. I also love serving potato tortilla at dinner parties - it is super easy to prepare and you don’t see it on every menu. It can also be made ahead of time and served at any temperature, which is definitely a bonus when hosting a meal.

A meal would not be complete without dessert. Chocolate, Chocolate Cake was on the menu that night. It tastes familiar, like your grandmother would make, is not hard to prepare, and the results are a truly decadent treat.

I love the time during a dinner party when the conversation really gets going and the entire table is listening to one person speak. That night, all ears were on Margot. She is an incredible storyteller - very honest and true. We were all mesmerized by her life story, and how she began Flower Magazine. She has always had a love for flowers but didn’t realize they were her passion until a few years ago. After working in the industry for four years, fine-tuning her craft, she realized there was nothing on newsstands that truly spoke to those who had a passion for flowers. Her vision for Flower Magazine was to provide a publication that enriches the lives of its readers through the beauty of flowers and landscaping, and oh what a pretty magazine it is.

I encourage you to subscribe to Flower Magazine here. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next issue.





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