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Laura On: Coton Colors Customer Convention

Wed, May 10, 2017

You may have seen that we spent a few days at the end of April hosting our customer convention. Each spring, we host some of our favorite retailers that carry Coton Colors products and invite them to spend a few days with our team learning about retail trends, connecting with other customers and of course, celebrating. Our convention is my favorite event each year. I love that we get the chance to connect with our retailers outside of market season and have our whole team there to celebrate.

After a few years of holding our convention on the emerald shores of Destin, Florida, we decided to bring our retailers to our hometown of Tallahassee. We couldn’t pass up the chance to show them our corporate office, share what #atypicalccday is like, and see what we love about our hometown, Tallahassee. It was so special to share with our retailers how Tallahassee has helped shape what Coton Colors is today.

We started the celebration on Sunday night, hosting our guests at my home for a welcome reception. It seems like every party we plan at my home coincides with a chance of rain showers (remember Kyle’s wedding in our front yard?). This party was no exception – the weather forecasted a high chance of rain right when the party was set to start. Luckily, we only got a few light showers and the skies quickly cleared up - nothing to dampen our celebration! It was a gorgeous night filled with catching up with some of our long-time retailers, meeting and chatting with some of our newer customers, and lots of memories and milestones to celebrate.

The next morning was the start of the educational sessions of convention, where we dove into keynote sessions, peer-to-peer forums and more. We started the week hearing from our friend and motivational speaker Brian Kibby, and then ended the week with a keynote from retail expert Matthew Hudson. We definitely felt challenged and motivated to implement many new ideas and practices into our businesses, and of course, our retailers had many great suggestions and ideas for Coton Colors. Stay tuned for what’s to come!

We held our sessions at Goodwood Museum and Gardens, a beautiful property that was previously a cotton and corn plantation but has since been used as an estate that is popular for weddings and meetings in our area. We hosted the Goodwood Garden Symposium a few months ago to help raise funds to preserve the beauty of the gardens – so it was very exciting to share one of our favorite Tallahassee venues with our guests.

Tuesday night, we took our guests to another one of our favorite local places, The Purple Martin Outpost. Remember when we hosted the event for the Goodwood Garden Symposium with our friends at The Outpost? That was a “trial run” to prepare for the party we had hosting our retailers during Convention. It’s a beautiful old home turned nursery under our skillful friends, Ed and Glen. With no showers in the night’s forecast, this evening held perfect weather for us in a breathtaking setting. We listened to a live bluegrass band, indulged in great food, and shared had a special surprise at the end of the night with the launch of the second edition of our lifestyle magazine, Toast, in the greenhouse! (Be sure to snag your free copy here.) It really was a magical evening.

It was such a wonderful week that we loved sharing with our guests. The opportunity to connect with our retailers and celebrate our fantastic partnerships is surely a reason, to take time out to celebrate.




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