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Laura on: Art with Heart

Thu, February 9, 2017


Working with St. Jude is something near and dear to my heart. Our partnership, which has evolved into a great friendship, started back in 2005 when they approached me about designing exclusive products inspired by their patients’ artwork. Our partnership has grown over the years and has evolved into an integral part of our company, and something that makes me very proud.

St. Jude’s mission is to advance cures and means of prevention for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. Unlike any other hospital, the majority of St. Jude’s funding comes from individual contributions. And thanks to generous donors, families never receive a bill from St. Jude. Never, ever! Because the only thing a parent should have to worry about is helping their child live.

Because of the great work St. Jude does, Coton Colors is committed to helping further their impact and spread a bit of happiness to the patients treated. Each February, we hold our Annual Art with Heart Campaign to raise funds and awareness to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

As a part of the Art with Heart campaign, we hope to not only raise awareness for St. Jude, but also another cause I love dearly, art therapy programs. During one of my first visits to St. Jude, we hosted an art therapy workshop. After working with each child and encouraging them in their creativity, I’m more and more in awe of the enormous difference they’re making in the lives of so many little ones, and how much of an impact art therapy has. Because of that first art therapy workshop and the many, many we have hosted at various hospitals and organizations around the country since, we love to support art therapy programs to help them continue the work they do to make a difference.

You have the opportunity to spread happy to your local art therapy programs, too! Gather art supplies and donate them to a Coton Colors retailer participating, (here) and they will donate them to a local program for you. Or, you can purchase an Art Therapy Kit (here) that we’ll fill with lots of art supplies and donate to a deserving art therapy program on your behalf.

Additionally, we’ve designed limited edition Art with Heart products to help us give back even more to St. Jude. With the purchase of a BIG or MINI Art with Heart Attachment, half of the retail price will be donated to St. Jude. And with your purchase of an Inspire Happy Mug , the entire price {that’s $9.95!} will be donated to St. Jude, too!

I hope you join us this month in helping to spread a little happy to those who need it most!

- Laura


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