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Laura on: A Wedding Gift Guide

Tue, October 13, 2020

For the Happy Couple

By Laura Johnson     

Milton and I are now at the age where so many of our friend’s children are getting engaged and married. It is such an exciting time that comes in waves of celebrations, seemingly all at once. Such happy times, the early beginnings of a family with so many celebrations ahead, all brand new. And I love to be a part of the many parties and gatherings, whether hosting or as a guest. It is such an honor to stop and celebrate the happy couple. With these gatherings come gifting. I want the gifts I send during this special time to be personal, to let the couple know that we are thinking of them and also give mementos that mark this special time in their lives.     

Those are my best-laid plans, that is. The problem I have is that my gifts are usually late. Which is not good. I really try hard not to be but I can’t seem to get the job done timely. And I design wedding gifts! I tend to want them to be personal and meaningful, and thinking through special occasion gifting takes time. Which is sometimes hard and why I sometimes get stuck or I need more time to be creative.

My favorite gifts are those that last and those that mark a special moment.  So when we design wedding gifts in particular I love to keep a spot open where a date can be added - it is so fun to me to flip over one of my personalized items and have the date there to help me remember…time goes so quick it’s hard to believe.


While I love to gift all kinds of special things, my favorite wedding gift I have ever designed is our Celebrate Us book. Perfectly timed for an engagement gift as it can immediately begin capturing the little bits of celebrations they are enjoying through the journey.

And I always seek out a lovely pen to go with the book. I think it’s fun to match things together to make the gift even more special. I do this often when I gift a favorite cookbook as well. I usually include a dish or two that is perfect for serving one of the recipes inside, always making note of this right on the recipe page so it can be discovered. Sometimes I add a few of my favorite recipes tucked inside a bowl.

I’m not the best at gift wrapping, thankfully our stores do this beautifully so I run the items over to let our experts take charge. I am always so happy when I pick up the wrapped item, proud to give something that looks beautiful and impressive even before it is unwrapped. The presentation is important, so I also always have a few gift bags on hand - they make wrapping so easy!


Whatever gift you decide, take some time to personalize it. And don’t forget to go the little extra step in making the gift wrap special. It’s those little things that add up so easily and quickly. And whatever you do, don’t stress.  If it’s late, so be it. It will be cherished no matter when it arrives.



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