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Laura: Introducing Signature White

Thu, July 26, 2018

We’ve been working on this line for a few years now. We knew we wanted an all-white dinnerware line, but struggled with how to design something unique to Coton Colors. As I’m sure you know, there are a lot of plain white dishes out there, and for the past 20 some odd years we’ve been known for our bright colors and patterns. So, we needed it to be special. It took a few years of deliberations, rough designs, and debate, but we finally created the perfect fit – meet our Signature White line!

We decided to go with our signature ruffled shape. You may recall from a previous post that the ruffle shape came to be about 27 years ago when I wanted a bowl for Kyle’s baby cereal that I could easily hold, but one that was also as feminine as she was. It’s a shape we have kept for all these years because it is as functional as it is beautiful. To make it even more special, the material used for the line is a different clay body than we’ve used before and is fired at a hotter temperature, giving the pieces a really durable feel. It is strong and sturdy and the perfect balance for the line’s more feminine design.  I love the rough, hand-brushed white paint strokes that adorn each piece. It gives it a refined rawness, one that is true of natural pottery.

Years ago, when we created every single piece of pottery in house, I would hand paint my name on the bottom. Given the special nature of these pieces, we decided to bring that feature back. While I’m not hand-painting each individual piece anymore, they each have my name on the back. 

During the design process, there comes a point where we have to name every color palette we design. Because the products in this line, quite literally, have my signature on them and since they showcase our signature shape, we decided on Signature White. I’m only slightly biased when I say this line should be on every bride’s registry. The serving pieces and place settings make a beautiful go-to wedding gift.  Striking on its own or paired with colors and patterns, I can’t wait to see how people bring these staples into their own homes.




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