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Laura: Celebrate Books Launch

Wed, January 3, 2018

With the launch of our newest venture, Coton Colors Celebrate Books, I wanted to share a bit about the inspiration behind them. I have been in the habit of keeping lined notebooks full of observations I’ve had for some time now. It’s never been a formal journal for me, more of a scrapbook of memories I suppose- a simple observation or funny thing that happened here or there. It has become a tradition to read through some of these with family to reminisce, generally around this time of year and normally with quite a few laughs.

Doing this now makes me wish I had started sooner. I wish I had started when my kids were younger and they had funny little ways of saying things or when Milton and I first got engaged and were planning our future. You always swear you will never forget, but a lifetime can prove otherwise.  At Coton Colors, I work with a lot of young women in various stages of life. Some of them are just starting out and are newly married, and others are becoming empty nesters for the first time. I always encourage people, especially new moms, to write it all down – the good and the bad. In fact, my favorite gift to give at baby showers is a lined notebook embossed with the baby’s name, a place for mom and dad to record all those precious, and sometimes not-so-precious, moments. I’ve often wondered if they are able to use them, or if the pressures of daily life keep them from it.

One of our young designers at Coton Colors brought up the idea of publishing a multi-year book. Since then I’ve been toying with the thought of taking a simple lined notebook, like I use daily, and making it less intimidating. Instead of a blank page, full of what can be daunting possibilities, adding the date creates a small prompt to get you started. This became what are now the Celebrate Books. After months of color swatches and layouts, we finally have the finish products – Celebrate Every Day, Celebrate Us, and Celebrate Me. I chose the name “Celebrate Books” because I wanted them to be about finding the celebrations in life. Even when the babies are teething and you are up all night, or you’ve had your first fight as a married couple, or every single step you take in a day leads to another roadblock. Within all of it, there is something beautiful to celebrate. Something, perhaps small, that we can document and savor… the smell of that baby’s freshly cleaned skin… A new understanding of the person you will spend a lifetime with… Seeing just how capable and persistent you are. There is so much to celebrate in the midst of everyday life!

Each book is meant for a specific journey. Celebrate Me is for your children’s journey, Celebrate Us for your journey as a couple, and Celebrate Every Day is for your personal journey. The beautiful thing about these books is the ability to use them the way you want to. Each page has the date at the top and a column for the year. You can use one line a day and have the same book for several years, or you can use the entire page and have the book to capture one year of life’s celebrations. I like the idea of having several years in the same book so you can easily look back on where you were and see what it was you found to celebrate that day. I tend to write large so I use a couple lines per day and after a few years, I’ll have a lovely memento to look back on.

Whatever season of life you are in, I know these books will be a beautiful reminder of where you’ve been. I hope they help you carve out celebrations in every day.


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