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Kyle’s Anniversary- Our Wedding Day!

Wed, December 28, 2016

Our wedding day is one Warren and I look back on and remember as one of the best days of our life together. Yesterday, I shared with you the details that went into planning our wedding, but today I’m going to share all the fun details of the actual celebration on New Year’s Eve with you!

I anticipated feeling very anxious the day of my wedding, especially since we had to “call it” earlier in the week and put our rain plan into full force! Just our luck, Tallahassee was expecting the wettest weather it’s seen in 10 years! Regardless, it was actually a very relaxing day thanks to our later ceremony time and being surrounded by family. It was so much fun waking up at my mom’s house with my sisters and cousins, peeking outside at the huge white tent filled with all the vendors buzzing around and putting the final pieces in place for the reception. You read that right - the reception was in my mom’s front yard! It was so special to have our wedding at my childhood home and add this milestone to the list of celebrations at this house!

After brunch, the girls headed to my grandmother’s house to spend the day together and get dressed. I love the look on my dad’s face when he saw me for the first time – we both had to try really hard not to cry too much! Warren and the boys spent the day at a good family friend’s plantation home shooting skeet until it was go-time.

The ceremony was traditional and incredibly beautiful. Our priest delivered the most meaningful sermon about the true meaning of marriage and made it so personal and special for Warren and me. Due to the drizzly night, the church felt like it was just glowing! Warren and I could really feel the love inside the church, surrounded by our closest family and friends.



After the ceremony, it was party time! The ambiance of the night was truly spectacular. The warm lighting and saturated colors played off each other to create an inviting, festive and lively party - exactly how we imagined it to be! At the entrance hung a set of authentic Chinese Lanterns we shipped back from one of our annual trips to China – these added an extra festive touch, and meaningfully stand for happiness, wealth, and good fortune. Hung from the ceiling were more than 250 lit paper lanterns that even started twinkling at midnight.


Since it was New Year’s Eve, we had to have special touches to fit the day! We had a collection of clocks to count down to midnight, and a spread of festive and traditional “New Years Day” inspired foods including fun takes on ham, black-eyed peas, collard greens, and corn. Throughout the party were hand painted pieces by both my sister and I to add that more personal touch to the reception. My sister, Sara Kate, watercolored our cake topper, and I painted an abstract backdrop for the band to bring all the colors of the reception together in one place.



Jazz music was playing, everyone was toasting a signature cocktail of blood orange prosecco and no one was leaving the dance floor. I remember my Grandmother, Dee Dee, coming up to me one point pronouncing, “I feel like I am at a 1940’s cocktail party!” I was worried the weather would deter people from staying until midnight, but that was not the case at all! People dressed in their New Year’s best and danced the night away – in their flip flops and mud boots!





We made gold pipe cleaner crowns for all the women to wear, and the boys were all given New Year’s party hats. Counting down to midnight and beginning the New Year as husband and wife, surrounded by our family and friends, is a memory Warren and I will cherish forever.


We have begun many wedding traditions with my cousins and sisters, one being that the last dance before sending off the bride and groom is to “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.” We danced and were sent off with gold confetti {which we are still finding in mom’s yard!}.


I still can’t believe Warren and I are celebrating our one year anniversary - time flies when you’re having fun! Please enjoy scrolling through more photos below from our special day, and HAPPY New Year!



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